Very Easy. Get on a laptop or a tablet or a desktop or a smartphone that has internet connection. Pull up in any of the browsers (Chrome works best, next is Safari & Firefox). Once you land at our site, feel free to click the links and browse around. When you decide on a product you like to purchase, Click 'ADD TO CART' button. After you have added all what you want to your cart, proceed to the cart by clicking the top right cart icon. Once in the cart, you get to review what you intend to purchase today. If all looks good, select your shipping and delivery preferences and then click 'SECURE CHECKOUT'. At this stage you will get to enter your billing and shipping address and also get a chance to setup your account. Click 'NEXT' to go to the last stage of order submission. In this stage, add any discount codes if you have, select your shipping method and then select a payment method. Enter your payment information and Click 'CONFIRM MY ORDER'. At this point the website confirms your order and charges you for the value of the cart. You are all set. Thank you for shopping