Chat transcript: 

Hello, thank you for visiting Besharam. Can I help you in any way?
Visitor: hI
Visitor: Hello
Visitor: ?
Ethan Hunt: Hello
Ethan Hunt: How you doing?
Visitor: I am from India. I have selected as "Self pick up" .
Visitor: In the next page it asks for address and says it will be shipped to the address.
Ethan Hunt: Don't worry.
Ethan Hunt: The address is just for billing purpose. If you have selected Self pickup option, It will NOT be delivered to your house.
Visitor: And there are no probleme with the customs or anything right?
Ethan Hunt: Yes correct. Your address is pasted on the package after is clears customs. Read this blog for better understanding

Visitor: if the items cost more than 10k, i m not sure abt Indian custom rules..It may cost soemthing if it is beyond Rupees 10k
Ethan Hunt: And you have choosen Self Pick up, so your address info will anyways be not on the shipping label
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Visitor: I don't have to do the clearance right
Ethan Hunt: Yes, correct. We handle all Import and custom obligations for you.
Ethan Hunt: You just have to order and relax while we work towards delivering your order to your given address or to your nearest Bluedart office.
Visitor: ok
Visitor: thanks
Ethan Hunt: Happy To help!