Chat transcript: 

Hello, thank you for visiting Besharam. Can I help you in any way?
Visitor: hello Ethan
Ethan Hunt: Hello. How you doing today?
Visitor: i am fine ,
Visitor: i am male 32 years , live in india in delhi city ,
Visitor: i want to buy masturbator for me
Visitor: can i pay from cheque
Visitor: you accept payment from cheque
Ethan Hunt: You can deposit cash in our account.
Ethan Hunt: We have an account in ICICI Bank.
Visitor: why not pay from cheque
Ethan Hunt: I beleive you can pay with cheque also.
Ethan Hunt: You can write a cheque in favor of ICICI bank Account. Here are the details.
Bank Address: Navsari building, 240 D.N. road. Fort , Mumbai 400001
Account Name: Shining Star Consultants Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 6235xxxxxxxx
Account Type: Current
Swift Code: ICICIxxxxxxx
IFSC Code: ICICxxxxxxx

Visitor: sure , i will make payment from cheque to your ICICI bank account
Visitor: 2 days taken for cheque clear
Ethan Hunt: Please send us the snapshot of the receipt to so that we can verify your payment and proceed with your order
Visitor: after sumbit date
Ethan Hunt: You can select netbanking and complete your purchase. This will create your order and send you payment instructions. it will have the bank info which i gave you.
Visitor: ok , cash recepit is proof of payment
Ethan Hunt: This way your order is already created meanwhile you make your payment
Ethan Hunt: yes that would work as proof.
Visitor: yes , you are right
Visitor: cash deposit receipt
Ethan Hunt: Yes. You can e-mail that receipt as a proof of your payment.
Visitor: that right
Visitor: thanks for help Ethan
Visitor: i will
Visitor: nice to chat
Ethan Hunt: Happy To Help! We appreciate your Business
Visitor: bye Ethan
Ethan Hunt: Bye. Have a Good Day