Chat transcript: 

Hello, thank you for visiting Besharam. Can I help you in any way?
Visitor: which lub is the best for anals?
Ethan Hunt: Hello. Let me suggest you some
Ethan Hunt: Try these options 
Visitor: cool, how many days does it take to delivery in Jaipur - Rajasthan? 
Ethan Hunt: Check this one, its organic
Ethan Hunt: May i have your Pin Code
Visitor: 302***
Visitor: the organic sounds good hehehehe
Ethan Hunt: Yeah. We deliver to your address.
Ethan Hunt: Express Shipping may take 7-14 days by paying a flat rate of Rs 599/-.
Ethan Hunt: However we have an offer of free shipping which may take 14-21 days.
Visitor: oh, that would take a lot of days
Visitor: imported products?
Ethan Hunt: Yes all order are shipped directly from US.
Ethan Hunt: Well the order may arrive arrive if all situations are favourable.
Ethan Hunt: May arrive early*
Visitor: I see, that is good, at least the quality wont be compromised
Visitor: I completely understand
Visitor: Do you guys have any physical store?
Ethan Hunt: Yes, You are right. We do that to maintain Authenticity.
Ethan Hunt: No At this point we do not have any stores.
Visitor: I cant imagine a store in India. That would be in the newspaper next day
Ethan Hunt: Yes we are an online store which allows a customer to shop at his convenience. 
Visitor: I understand, somehow india is still very conservative
Visitor: I just made this obsrevation, because I am from Brazil but i live in India for several years
Visitor: my hometown in Brazil is pretty small, however we do have a sexshop there, maybe in Brazil things are more open
Ethan Hunt: Yes, You are right. 
Visitor: anywa, thanks buddy or chick
Visitor: Have a great day
Visitor: I might be purchasing few products with you guys
Ethan Hunt: Thank you. You too have a Good Day. So will we be happy to serve you as our customer.