Chat transcript: 

Hello, thank you for visiting Besharam. Can I help you in any way?
Visitor: Hi
Ethan Hunt: Hello.
Ethan Hunt: How may I help you today?
Visitor: I am a new customer on the site
Ethan Hunt: Welcome. Where did you hear about us?
Visitor: I am from india
Visitor: one of my friend told me about u guys
Visitor: i want to order some stuff but i am worried about the legalities of ordering these produts here
Ethan Hunt: Oh! Word of Mouth always helpful.
Visitor: hehe
Visitor: i knw
Ethan Hunt: I understand your concern. We work within the confines of Law
Ethan Hunt: Please read this blog
Visitor: ohh
Visitor: ok
Visitor: but i wont fall in trouble na
Visitor: :(
Visitor: india is very conservative u c
Ethan Hunt: All our products are approved to be legally imported in INDIA by a private team of attorneys and custom consultants.
Visitor: ohh ok
Ethan Hunt: Moreover we handle all Import and Custom obligations for you.
Visitor: how ?
Ethan Hunt: We import all orders under our Indian entity name, get it passed through customs and then paste your address information on packages. Before it passes customs your information is not shared
Ethan Hunt: Please read this blog for further understanding
Visitor: ohh ok
Visitor: ?do u have refund policy
Ethan Hunt: Yes we do have a 30 day return policy. Please read the full policy
Ethan Hunt: The refund may come in form of store credit or money back depending on case basis.
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