Chat transcript: 

Visitor: How long does delivery take for the adult toys? and is the shipping free?

Ethan Hunt: Do you want delivery in US?
Visitor: delivery to india
Ethan Hunt: Alright. The delivery to India depends on the option you choose. The recommended express shipping takes 7-14 days costing you just Rs 599/-
Ethan Hunt: We also have a FREE Shipping option and that may take 14-21 days.
Visitor: for any amount?
Visitor: or is there a minimum amount
Ethan Hunt: There is no minimum amount to order as such if you go for Prepaid payment option.
Visitor: alright..... and what about the guarantee..... is there an indian store as well?
Ethan Hunt: We do not have Physical stores in India but we have serviced more than 3000 orders in India.
Visitor: any complaints or any other thing i should be aware of before i place the order?
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Ethan Hunt: We haven't faced any major issues as such. We have a 30 day return policy if the goods reach you in damaged condition. We track the orders till the point it gets delivered.
Ethan Hunt: Moreover our support center is available to answer any queries even after is delivered.
Ethan Hunt: even after the order*
Visitor: if it takes 21 days to reach..... is it possible to return within the 30 day time period
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Ethan Hunt: The shipment reach to you much faster but yes you can return if the orders reach you in damaged condition.
Visitor: thank you... youve been of gr8 help
Ethan Hunt: Happy To Help!