We have encountered several instances where a payment has not gone through at the checkout stage. Before we address and share the alternate payment options, we want to make sure of a few things that you have already checked-
1. That your card is a DEBIT or CREDIT CARD with a VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS logo on it.
2. That your card has an expiration date and that it has NOT expired yet
3. That your card has a CVV code in the back (three digits for VISA/MASTER) and 4 digits in the front for AMERICAN EXPRESS
4. That you have available credit /funds in your account to make that purchase
5. And lastly if you have a CARD that says INTERNATIONAL , use that FIRST. However if all above fails, you can make a payment using NETBANKING (instructions here) or by purchasing a E-Giftcard from GiftCardsIndia and using that to pay for your order on our store. The gift cards never expire, can be re-gifted and the best part about this is that you do not leave any trace on our site and your financial transaction is happening with a normal Departmental store type Indian entity. We plan to add a network of various other payment options shortly including Suvidha and ItzCash. Sign up on our Facebook page to stay updated with these announcements.

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